“I am still here because of the people that are at CFN. There are no egos and everyone encourages each other no matter what your fitness level and ability is. The coaches are always helping with technique and are there to help you push harder then you think you can.” – Dan, a current member at CFN


Now don’t be shy when you read CrossFit because I’m going to share some light on what CrossFit is.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning type of training. You might be asking yourself what that actually means. Basically we use the best functional movements from an array of different sports such as gymnastics, weightlifting, rowing, running and a few more to develop your fitness and health.

A class of CrossFit at CFN can be broken down like this:

The Warm up: The coaches at CFN will warm you up for the current class you will undertake, So if squats are programmed, we will stretch and warm you up for squatting

Strength component: In order to make you fitter, faster, stronger,  look good in your beach attire or to feel amazing when out to dinner we need to build functional strength. This will involve key movements like the deadlift, back squat, front squat, overhead pressing etc.

Conditioning: This section of the class is normally when we kick it up a gear and get you moving and shaking. It will consist of a few movements and coupled with a time limit. The intensity of this workout comes down to you. But our coaches are there to assist and motivate you to dig that little bit deeper.

The Cool down: Normally involves a few stretches and a lot of laughter. Laughter after working out? Yes it actually happens.

One on One or Personal Training.

You might decide that CrossFit Classes aren’t for you and that’s perfectly fine. We offer One on One or Personal Training.

This style of training is based purely around your goals and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Specialty Training

If you prefer a particular mode of training and want to focus on that, we offer: Olympic Weightlifting Technique; Gymnastic/Body Weight; Strength, Kettlebell, Speed Power and Agility Training & Dumbbell Training.

Nutrition Consulting

Our qualified and professional coaches are on hand to help you with all your nutritional enquiries.

Nutrition is a key component in maximising your efforts in the gym. Athletes and Regular people have excelled with our evidence based approach to healthy eating. A great training program coupled with a strong diet means YOU WIN.