“I love the community at CFN. We met all our closest friends that we basically call family at CFN since we moved to Newcastle. I think we are really blessed to have people we hang out with every day that is like-minded, inspiring each other to achieve personal goals and challenges without ego, whilst still having fun!” – Lente, a current member at CFN – 2017

We are well aware we are the most expensive CrossFit gym in Newcastle and here’s why:

Our Coaches are of the highest quality. Our junior coaches are consistently under the watchful eye of our Head Coaches who are Darren Coughlan and Pip Malone.

As mentioned before you only have to google Darren’s name to find out just how highly regarded he is in the strength and conditioning world.

Pip Malone has represented Australia in over 4 international sports including CrossFit. She is the current 69kg Australian National Champion and represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 in weightlifting. Her determination is infectious around our gym.

Our other coaches Nick, Jake and Matt are continually learning and mentoring off Darren and Pip. All our coaches have a common goal of increasing their knowledge through accredited courses.  These are:
–  Strength and conditioning level 1 and 2
–  CrossFit Level 1,2 and 3
–  Australian weightlifting level 1 and 2

Trust us when we say you will be in the best of hands.

It’s time to make the change!

The next step for you is to take ACTION. Don’t hesitate to email us or make the call. We will get back to you asap. We promise.  You will receive a whole week free of training if we don’t reply to you.


$60 weekly
$51 Uni discount (15%)
Unlimited sessions

$100 weekly
Unlimited sessions

$45 weekly
Maximum 3 sessions per week


No lock-in contracts. No cancellation fee. We understand life can change pretty quickly hence we don’t lock you in or charge you for cancelling.


It is the responsibility of members to ensure they are financial each week. CrossFit Newcastle is permitted to refuse entry to persons who have not paid. Weekly debit of all memberships on Friday of each week.