92% of New Years resolutions FAIL, here’s why:

“New year, new me”

92% of New Year’s resolutions fail!

The reason most New Years resolutions fail is that we have been told that once the new year is here our lives will magically get better starting January 1st.

How does that even work? I mean if it takes a calendar year to change your life, why not change your calendar every day?

Change doesn’t happen when we change a calendar, change happens when WE make change happen.

 So here is what you can do to start making your goals work, today!

  1. Stop waiting for other things to motivate you.
    Stop waiting for a future date and stop waiting for other people!
    You need to live your life, so don’t let other things slow you down.

    If you’re truly serious about making a change, then you need to start right away. Like now 😉

      2. Create goals with the end in mind.
          If your goal is to lose 20kg, you need to break this down.

  • What will it require?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice?
  • What style of fitness suits me?
  • I will start with 3 times a week. After the first month, I will do 4 times a week. Month 3 I will go 5 times a week.
  • Ask someone in your friend circle who is fit and healthy what they do and if you can come.
  • Google it!

    3. Hold yourself accountable!

You need a system in place that will keep you accountable. A great one is to use a        punishment that revolves around your goal. When I was in the Navy and out at sea,  if we ate dessert, the next day we had to do 50 burpees. We started with 10 burpees and increased as we became fitter.

Put a calendar on your wall and every time you go to the gym, mark off that day with an X. This simple but effective method becomes addictive. Nothing like looking back over the month and seeing 20 green X. That feeling of accomplishment is great.

We hope this helps!

P.s. Feel free to send an email to us or take advantage of our newest January offer (Click the link to get 2 free classes and more!)

What a CrossFit gym does for you.

At CFN we show, instruct and critique ALL the movements. With this hands and eyes on approach, we will make sure your moving, lifting, pulling etc safely and correctly.
Now I know you might think that a CrossFit coach has only done a two-day course to get the title of “Coach” and some have. But at CFN our head coaches are highly sort after because of their skills, knowledge and experience in the strength and conditioning world. 
Intensity is the key to being fit. Your programming might have several components but if you do it with low intensity, then you have just wasted a lot of time, energy and effort. It’s not about how much you do, it’s about how hard you can do it and for how long you can sustain that level.
You will limit your intensity if you’re training by yourself or with others who are at a similar level. As the saying goes “If you’re the smartest in the room, you better switch rooms”.
This rule applies to your fitness. Our other head coach is Pip Malone. She has competed at the CrossFit games and is the current 69kg Australian national weightlifting champion. Pip is a great source of inspiration for our members and I’m sure she will be a great inspiration for you.
What may seem as random programming to you is completely different from a head coaches perspective. A knowledge based programme is key to your results and keeps you injury free so you can chase down your fitness goals.
Our members have constructed a friendly, positive but hard working environment. Everyone in our gym has their own personal goals to chase. Whether it is to do 1 strict pull up or to backsquat double their body weight, they continually support each other. Being surrounded by this type of environment will boost your results and keep the motivation high.


Lets face it, we all crave more energy so we can do things we enjoy doing such as going for a bike ride, swim at the beach, working extra hours, reading a book, playing with our children and the list goes on.

Most of us blame our tired state on not getting enough sleep so we combat that with coffee. Unfortunatley having 3 cups of coffee a day isnt good for you and the extra sugar and creams you might add arent great for your health and waist line.

Here is the dirty little secret to having more energy, are you ready?


Thats it! I know it might sound crazy but its true.

Dehydration not only makes you feel terrible but it severly effects your mood and normal brain function. The brains tissue is made up of 75% water so you can imagine how your brain would be effected with lack of water.

So the first thing you should do in the morning is drink a litre of water. You have just been asleep for 6-8 hours and your body doesnt get any water when your asleep (Obviously) so when you wake up your body is dehydrated.

I recommend drinking a liter of water as soon as you wake up, add some lemon and cucumber. The lemon helps boost your immune system and gives it a nice refreshing flavour. The cuccumber has a lot of antioxidents and great for your skin.

Try this simple trick out and let me know how it goes.

Regards, CFN.

Im not fit enough to do Crossfit . . .

Whenever Crossfit is mentioned I hear an array of different statements but the main one that gets to me is “Im not fit enough to do Crossfit”. That sentence blows my mind. Of course you are.

Fitness and Health is all about personal development and creating a better you!

We all start off at different baselines. What I mean by baseline is, some of you have always played sport or stayed active so your athletic ability is higher than others, some of you havent played sport or been as active as others so your athletic ability wont be as strong and thats ok.

We see a lot of people walk through our doors. Recently a young gentleman named Matt walked through our doors and joined our gym. One of his first classes he lifted a bar (Power clean, look it up if you’re unsure) with 100kg on it. Which upset me because he lifts the same as me and I have been doing Crossfit for 3 years, damn him! He has been involved in sport and the gym his whole life so his strength is above average.

At the same time we welcomed a middle aged woman named Tracey who is on a weight loss journey and has lost 35kg to date, she is kicking ass!. Some of the movements we prescribe her are modified to suit her needs but she tries her best and gives 110% in every class.

As I stated before Fitness and health is all about personal development. You come to CFN to develop your fitness. Maybe this saying “Im not fit enough to do Crossfit” is because some of you don’t want to be seen starting at the bottom? We will start at the bottom but as you can see, Matt and Traceys’s bottoms are different.

Both these individuals started at different baselines but are both fit enough and capable to do Crossfit and so can you. It doesn’t matter where you start because there is nothing worse than not starting at all.

Regards, CFN






Programming is something we take great care with, our record of results and work ethic is well known and it’s only possible through attention to detail.

The season has changed and as such so does the programming. you’ll notice a slight change in format and frequency of some movements and the introduction of lesser known exercises too.

With these changes you’ll probably feel stiff and sore in places you aren’t use. thats going to be good news as thats what we are after. due to the Law of Accommodation, your body adapts to routine, it’s our job as coaches to keep the programme seemingly random while we keep on track with what we are trying to achieve in the gym (your goals and increased performance).

And with the change in season comes the questions of ‘Extras’. Coaches often gets asked this at this time of year as the CrossFit Open looms up, and summer just around the corner and there’s a simple answer, train twice a day.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already done something similar in the previous class. If your sessions are more than 3>5hrs apart you’re good to go. “But I already did that!?” so what, the key to performance gains is consistency, would you not sit-down at a chair cause you’ve already squatted? would you not do your labouring job cause you went to the gym instead?

Trust the programme, you will get results. We’ve produced multiple CrossFit Games athletes and teams and we’re continuing to pump out exceptional athletes in CrossFit and other sports.

ps, if you’re training hard in the gym, how do you recover? And is it working?


The CrossFit Games this year was the first time I haven’t been there since 2010. Watching online was a completely different experience than being there and coaching athletes. And I have to say I actually enjoyed watching it online. I didn’t get to watch all the events due to coaching at CrossFit Newcastle but what I saw was enjoyable and the articles, reviews and leaderboard kept me up to date on everything I missed.

It was great to see some Under-dogs get up on the podium as well.

But what I’m sick of year-in-year-out is the stupid whinging of the vocal minority. It’s so tired its not funny.

The only people complaining about the Games programming are the Losers. And I don’t just mean some of the athletes, yes there’s some serious whinging coming from some of them, but the ones attached to them either by being their Coaches, fans, employers and sponsors. And don’t forget the usual CrossFit® haters that run blogs/websites and sell alternative training & lifestyle resources.

The only reason I can come up with for the hate, from an internal perspective of the CrossFit® Community is the lack of those Haters having ever been an athlete themselves, of any Sport.

Most CF-ers come to our community looking to increase their health and fitness, which is what CrossFit® purpose actually is, then discover there’s this massive yearly competition attached to it that serves those of our community that are fitness Bad-Asses. Then there’s a disconnect with some of these people thinking they can just be Elite by association. Reality punches them in the face at either The Open or Regional level. Once they’ve licked their wounds and start hash tagging #roadtothegames2016 they place their identity on their CrossFit® hero and hope they can win the Games for them. Their Hero could be someone that they want to look like, train in the same gym, does the same programme, from the same country etc. you get the idea.

Then disaster happens when their Hero fails to win the Games or perform well or has to withdraw due to injury. Suddenly it is the Programmings fault, Dave Castro is the Devil, CrossFit® has to stop putting people at risk, bla bla bla. Its all rubbish.

If the programming was wrong, all athletes get injured, end of story.

The Games this year tested Athletes extremely well, some withdrew, some got injured, some performed well and some won. I think the programming, timing, facilities and resources were spot on. That’s my perspective from watching online and chatting to athletes and coaches throughout the weekend that were in the mix.

What people need to understand is that in Sport, shit happens. There’s winners and losers, thats why we watch. If you don’t want that, as in people being rewarded for their result, you’ll be left with everyone getting participation awards and theres no way I’ll support that in any form. Competition is about competing and seeing where you come out at the other end. Its a measuring stick to see where you place, it’s not who you are as a person, it’s who you are right now as an athlete. One that achieved Victory, or One that has got some holes in their game to fix for next time.

The CrossFit Games is about consistency.

You don’t have to chase the bait of prize money per event, you can and should always focus on yourself and see what happens. Ultimately your competition and what they are doing doesn’t matter, this is exercise, not football or fighting, someone else’s tactics don’t matter in a multi-event sport.

The Games are a great expression of evolution. “Survival of the Fittest”.

Now some people miss interpret the “Fittest” by meaning; the animal/species that is the ‘strongest’ in it’s environment survives. What it actually means is; which ever animal/species “Fits” their environment the best, survives.

That, is the CrossFit Games. Be good at everything.

To the Losers, shut up, go play another Sport or get some perspective on what Sport actually is. No one likes a sore Loser.


For some, chalk is the go-to for everything. Some people treat it like magic pixie dust thinking it will cure everything from Rips to Cold hands. We’ve even seen people use chalk to help with ‘sore hands’, crazy. It won’t do anything like that.

Chalk provides some extra friction on hands by removing some moisture. What does extra friction mean, thats right, potential hand tears!

The biggest tip we can give anyone is stop reaching for the chalk when you’re in the middle of a workout, resist the temptation to take an extra break, chances are the chalk is not going to help you anyway (if you don’t have moisture on your hands). And while the CrossFit Games are on, take note of how often the big guns stop for a chalk break.

The best way to help your hands is by taping, pure and simple. Using the example in the video below, your do-it-yourself grips will last weeks and are very inexpensive.