“In the past, I have trained by myself and have also gone through periods of loving and hating getting to the gym. CFN has been a whole new world for me, I look forward to coming to the gym every day to train and I know that I’ll be able to have a laugh and a bit of fun too.” – Matt Delaney, Current member of CFN 2017

At Crossfit Newcastle, we exist to help YOU achieve any and all YOUR fitness goals.

Health and Fitness is key to your personal development.

Now you might say your not fit enough to start Crossfit but you couldn’t be further from the truth, here is a short article I wrote about that exact topic, have a read of this.


We have had 1000s of people walk through our glass doors. Some people are completely new to Crossfit, others have been doing Crossfit for years. But the key thing is they all had a goal in mind. Trust us, your goal isn’t crazy or unachievable. Whether you want to lose some of that stubborn body fat, to look great and feel great in that new swimsuit or boardies, compete in Crossfit as a sport or back squat double your own body weight, we have got you covered.

CFN (Crossfit Newcastle) has been in business for over 10 years. We are the second oldest Crossfit gym in Australia. The reason we still exist is because we are constantly learning and growing our knowledge and because of this approach it benefits our current members and our future members. If we learn, you learn.


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Our Programming Methods

Darren Coughlan is our head programmer and has been heavily involved in Strength and conditioning since 1992. His knowledge is highly sorted after by professional athletes, Olympic athletes and professional and local sporting teams. Click here for proof

A great programme is designed to optimally stress the body and not bury you with work. Too many gyms these days try to overload you which causes injury, both mental and physical fatigue and loss motivation. We use what we like to call “Smart Programming”. We won’t bore you with specifics but you will be performing at an optimal level of stress which is why our programme continues to produce results.

Our coaching staff WILL be there the whole hour you are with us. It is our job to coach and instruct you through the whole workout whilst keeping you safe.

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“For me, its about the relationships, the banter, the camaraderie and healthy competition. CFN strikes a balance allowing me to push myself but keep it fun” – Waldo, a current member of CFN