Lets face it, we all crave more energy so we can do things we enjoy doing such as going for a bike ride, swim at the beach, working extra hours, reading a book, playing with our children and the list goes on.

Most of us blame our tired state on not getting enough sleep so we combat that with coffee. Unfortunatley having 3 cups of coffee a day isnt good for you and the extra sugar and creams you might add arent great for your health and waist line.

Here is the dirty little secret to having more energy, are you ready?


Thats it! I know it might sound crazy but its true.

Dehydration not only makes you feel terrible but it severly effects your mood and normal brain function. The brains tissue is made up of 75% water so you can imagine how your brain would be effected with lack of water.

So the first thing you should do in the morning is drink a litre of water. You have just been asleep for 6-8 hours and your body doesnt get any water when your asleep (Obviously) so when you wake up your body is dehydrated.

I recommend drinking a liter of water as soon as you wake up, add some lemon and cucumber. The lemon helps boost your immune system and gives it a nice refreshing flavour. The cuccumber has a lot of antioxidents and great for your skin.

Try this simple trick out and let me know how it goes.

Regards, CFN.

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