Whenever Crossfit is mentioned I hear an array of different statements but the main one that gets to me is “Im not fit enough to do Crossfit”. That sentence blows my mind. Of course you are.

Fitness and Health is all about personal development and creating a better you!

We all start off at different baselines. What I mean by baseline is, some of you have always played sport or stayed active so your athletic ability is higher than others, some of you havent played sport or been as active as others so your athletic ability wont be as strong and thats ok.

We see a lot of people walk through our doors. Recently a young gentleman named Matt walked through our doors and joined our gym. One of his first classes he lifted a bar (Power clean, look it up if you’re unsure) with 100kg on it. Which upset me because he lifts the same as me and I have been doing Crossfit for 3 years, damn him! He has been involved in sport and the gym his whole life so his strength is above average.

At the same time we welcomed a middle aged woman named Tracey who is on a weight loss journey and has lost 35kg to date, she is kicking ass!. Some of the movements we prescribe her are modified to suit her needs but she tries her best and gives 110% in every class.

As I stated before Fitness and health is all about personal development. You come to CFN to develop your fitness. Maybe this saying “Im not fit enough to do Crossfit” is because some of you don’t want to be seen starting at the bottom? We will start at the bottom but as you can see, Matt and Traceys’s bottoms are different.

Both these individuals started at different baselines but are both fit enough and capable to do Crossfit and so can you. It doesn’t matter where you start because there is nothing worse than not starting at all.

Regards, CFN





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