Programming is something we take great care with, our record of results and work ethic is well known and it’s only possible through attention to detail.

The season has changed and as such so does the programming. you’ll notice a slight change in format and frequency of some movements and the introduction of lesser known exercises too.

With these changes you’ll probably feel stiff and sore in places you aren’t use. thats going to be good news as thats what we are after. due to the Law of Accommodation, your body adapts to routine, it’s our job as coaches to keep the programme seemingly random while we keep on track with what we are trying to achieve in the gym (your goals and increased performance).

And with the change in season comes the questions of ‘Extras’. Coaches often gets asked this at this time of year as the CrossFit Open looms up, and summer just around the corner and there’s a simple answer, train twice a day.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already done something similar in the previous class. If your sessions are more than 3>5hrs apart you’re good to go. “But I already did that!?” so what, the key to performance gains is consistency, would you not sit-down at a chair cause you’ve already squatted? would you not do your labouring job cause you went to the gym instead?

Trust the programme, you will get results. We’ve produced multiple CrossFit Games athletes and teams and we’re continuing to pump out exceptional athletes in CrossFit and other sports.

ps, if you’re training hard in the gym, how do you recover? And is it working?

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