The CrossFit Games this year was the first time I haven’t been there since 2010. Watching online was a completely different experience than being there and coaching athletes. And I have to say I actually enjoyed watching it online. I didn’t get to watch all the events due to coaching at CrossFit Newcastle but what I saw was enjoyable and the articles, reviews and leaderboard kept me up to date on everything I missed.

It was great to see some Under-dogs get up on the podium as well.

But what I’m sick of year-in-year-out is the stupid whinging of the vocal minority. It’s so tired its not funny.

The only people complaining about the Games programming are the Losers. And I don’t just mean some of the athletes, yes there’s some serious whinging coming from some of them, but the ones attached to them either by being their Coaches, fans, employers and sponsors. And don’t forget the usual CrossFit® haters that run blogs/websites and sell alternative training & lifestyle resources.

The only reason I can come up with for the hate, from an internal perspective of the CrossFit® Community is the lack of those Haters having ever been an athlete themselves, of any Sport.

Most CF-ers come to our community looking to increase their health and fitness, which is what CrossFit® purpose actually is, then discover there’s this massive yearly competition attached to it that serves those of our community that are fitness Bad-Asses. Then there’s a disconnect with some of these people thinking they can just be Elite by association. Reality punches them in the face at either The Open or Regional level. Once they’ve licked their wounds and start hash tagging #roadtothegames2016 they place their identity on their CrossFit® hero and hope they can win the Games for them. Their Hero could be someone that they want to look like, train in the same gym, does the same programme, from the same country etc. you get the idea.

Then disaster happens when their Hero fails to win the Games or perform well or has to withdraw due to injury. Suddenly it is the Programmings fault, Dave Castro is the Devil, CrossFit® has to stop putting people at risk, bla bla bla. Its all rubbish.

If the programming was wrong, all athletes get injured, end of story.

The Games this year tested Athletes extremely well, some withdrew, some got injured, some performed well and some won. I think the programming, timing, facilities and resources were spot on. That’s my perspective from watching online and chatting to athletes and coaches throughout the weekend that were in the mix.

What people need to understand is that in Sport, shit happens. There’s winners and losers, thats why we watch. If you don’t want that, as in people being rewarded for their result, you’ll be left with everyone getting participation awards and theres no way I’ll support that in any form. Competition is about competing and seeing where you come out at the other end. Its a measuring stick to see where you place, it’s not who you are as a person, it’s who you are right now as an athlete. One that achieved Victory, or One that has got some holes in their game to fix for next time.

The CrossFit Games is about consistency.

You don’t have to chase the bait of prize money per event, you can and should always focus on yourself and see what happens. Ultimately your competition and what they are doing doesn’t matter, this is exercise, not football or fighting, someone else’s tactics don’t matter in a multi-event sport.

The Games are a great expression of evolution. “Survival of the Fittest”.

Now some people miss interpret the “Fittest” by meaning; the animal/species that is the ‘strongest’ in it’s environment survives. What it actually means is; which ever animal/species “Fits” their environment the best, survives.

That, is the CrossFit Games. Be good at everything.

To the Losers, shut up, go play another Sport or get some perspective on what Sport actually is. No one likes a sore Loser.

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