For some, chalk is the go-to for everything. Some people treat it like magic pixie dust thinking it will cure everything from Rips to Cold hands. We’ve even seen people use chalk to help with ‘sore hands’, crazy. It won’t do anything like that.

Chalk provides some extra friction on hands by removing some moisture. What does extra friction mean, thats right, potential hand tears!

The biggest tip we can give anyone is stop reaching for the chalk when you’re in the middle of a workout, resist the temptation to take an extra break, chances are the chalk is not going to help you anyway (if you don’t have moisture on your hands). And while the CrossFit Games are on, take note of how often the big guns stop for a chalk break.

The best way to help your hands is by taping, pure and simple. Using the example in the video below, your do-it-yourself grips will last weeks and are very inexpensive.

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