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“In the past, I have trained by myself and have also gone through periods of loving and hating getting to the gym. CFN has been a whole new world for me, I look forward to coming to the gym every day to train and I know that I’ll be able to have a laugh and a bit of fun too.” – Matt Delaney, Current member of CFN since 2017


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At CFN, exist to help YOU achieve any and all your fitness goals.

We have had 1000s of people walk through our roller door.

Some people are completely new to CrossFit, others have been doing CrossFit for years. But the key thing is they all had a goal in mind and a willingness to try. Trust us, your goal isn’t crazy or unachievable.

Whether you want to lose some of that stubborn body fat, to look great and feel great in that new swimsuit or boardies, compete in CrossFit as a sport or back squat double your own body weight, we have got you covered.

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“For me, its about the relationships, the banter, the camaraderie and healthy competition. CFN strikes a balance allowing me to push myself but keep it fun”Waldo, a current member of CFN